Our services

Édenkert dog board

0-24 hours medical supervision

We have medical supervision 10 minutes from the pension if there is any problem with the pets left with us. In this case, the medical costs incurred must be reimbursed by the owner.

Health services

We undertake the full range of surgeries / transportation, boarding during rehabilitation, transportation for control examination… /, exclusively to the Murmuczok Veterinary Center.

Cosmetic treatment

We undertake to carry out the cosmetic treatment in the Pracli studio / Murmuczok / during the boarding house.

We also undertake problematic and offensive dogs

We welcome any dog! 


Before you book and arrive

Vaccination book

The vaccination book with valid vaccinations must always be brought with the dog!

Medical examination

It is important that before you come to us, you need a preventive medical examination to prove that your pet is healthy, which must be confirmed by a certificate of illness brought with you.

Our "favorite's" food

It is important to even pack your pet's food, thus increasing the feeling of comfort!