In memories of Mitra di Caresi

More than an accommodation

Édenkert dog pension

Éden is the place I created to be a place for dogs and you owners can go without your children!


Hey, I am Daniel Lelkes..

About me

I am Daniel Lelkes, in 2017 came the idea that I should form a boarding house, which is not like the others. Being an animal rescuer, I deeply condemn kennel-run, treadmill boarding houses, where 30-50 dogs are crowded into room kennels or cage rows.
By 2018, I managed to get all the permits, and I completed the Veterinary Assistant course and Éden opened its doors.

Our mission

Our pension was established to serve the dog-holding layer to which the dog is a family member, and maximum attention is important to them while they have their dog with us!
Our pension is completely unique at Budapest, as we work with a minimum number of employees, we have 3 rooms available for pets that are heated and air conditioned. We maintain one outside kennel for especially outdoor dogs .
Our dog handler is a qualified veterinary assistant and an experienced animal rescuer!
Our dog boarding house is located in Budapest in the XVIII. district .

We owe our reputation to you Owners!


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